Seminar Informatik Sommer 2019!

Seminar Computer Science:

Deep Learning and Mathematics

General Information

Seminar organiser

Target audience

Kick-off meeting

Monday 11.2.2019, 9.00
in room 811 (Mühlenpfordtstr. 23)

NEW: Registration is still possible for some topics till 26.10.2018!

For further questions, contact the seminar organisers.

Application information

Available Seminar Topics

Deep Neural Networks are increasingly used in many areas. The understanding of the working of networks is just beginnning. This seminar will focus on recent research trying to eluminate the mathematical background of why and when and how well they work.

Note further, that most of the topics here are rather advanced and better suited for Master's students. However, if you are a Bacherlor student and want to take a topic proposed here and feel able to, feel free to apply for it.

The topics will be:

Rules for participation

The following rules hold for participation in the seminar at the Institute of Scientific Computing:

  • You have a continuous period of three months to work on your seminar topic. The start of this period is fixed at the first meeting. You will be assigned an assistant of the institute, who will be the first address for questions relating to the seminar.
  • You have to produce a paper and presentation slides. Deliveries shall be made at the corresponding deadlines (given at the first meeting). At the end of the semester you present the topic in a seminar talk. The duration of the talk should be approximatly 30 minutes. A small discussion of up to 15 minutes will follow your talk.
  • Everything must be written in your own words, either in German or English. The paper shall contain between 25 and 30 pages.
  • The slides shall be made so that a reasonable presentation of the topic can be performed in the given time.
  • Each student participating in the seminar has to be present at all seminar presentations. Dates will be fixed at the first meeting.
  • For the slides and your paper, please use the document templates of the Institute (see download section).
  • When preparing and given your seminar talk, please also consider this: Der goldene Weg zum perfekten Seminarvortrag

Time needed to participate in a seminar

The time one needs for a seminar shall be equivalent with the time one needs for a 2 hours lecture with excercises and homeworks (4 credits). One credit is equivalent to 30 hours of work, i.e. for a seminar (4 credits) one has to plan 120 hours of work (3 weeks (Mo-Fr) with 8 hours per day).