CRC 88o: Fundamentals of High Lift for Future Civil Aircraft

The Coordinated Research Centre 88o develops the fundamentals of active high-lift for environmentally friendly future transport aircraft.

The research is motivated by growing demands for air travel in economic zones like Europe. Sustainable growth can only be achieved here by using new means of transport, which enable efficient point-to-point connections, short runways for take-off and landing, drastic reductions of aircraft noise, and low fuel consumption. This requires fundamental research in aeroacoustics, in methodology for efficient active high-lift, and in flight dynamics.

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48. Doktorandenseminar | 06.04.2016

Beginn 14:00 ? wird noch geklärt. Inhalt Institutsbesichtigung und Vortrag Ansrechpartner Herr Dipl.-Ing. Felix Kauth Institut für Turbom...Read more

47. Doktorandenseminar | 03.02.2016

Veranstaltungsort Institut für Mikrotechnik Alte Salzdahlumer Straße 203, Gebäude 1A 38124 Braunschweig Beginn 15:00 Uhr Programm ...Read more

Claudia Zoccarato | Data Assimilation in Geomechanics: Characterization of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs | 15.02.16

Claudia Zocarrato von der Universtiy of Padova hält am 15.02.2016 um 10 Uhr einen Vortrag zum Thema "Data Assimilation in Geomechanics: Characterization of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs". Veranst...Read more

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Dr. Richard Semaan PhD
Manager SFB 88o

Institute of Fluid Mechanics
TU Braunschweig
Hermann-Blenk-Str. 37 | 38108 Braunschweig

Telephone: 0531-391 94258
Fax: 0531-391 94254
E-Mail: verwaltung-sfb880@tu-braunschweig.de


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