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The center for Mechanics, Uncertainty and Simulation in ENgineering - MUSEN - is a union of scientists of the Technical University of Braunschweig, aiming at collaboration in teaching and research. It is concerned with all areas of mechanics (solids, fluids) as well as adjoining areas of mathematics, in basics and applications, in theory, modeling and simulation.

The center can be considered, historically, as the successor of the Mechanikzentrum (MZ), numerous members furthermore have been members of the Gauß-Center for Modeling and Simulation (GMS).

Membership and responsibilities are governed by a statute. The center is headed by a directorate and holds an office (secretary, managing director).  

Tasks of the center cover, in particular:

  • stimulate and coordinate joint interdisciplinary research projects in mechanics and numerics
  • act as leading body in planning and handling of interdisciplinary research projects
  • support coordination of the long-term research and advancement strategy of persons and institutions represented through membership or cooperation
  • assist in matching the large equipment acquisition strategies of the persons and institutions represented through membership or cooperation
  • initiate and coordinate joint scientific events in all relevant fields of mechanics and numerics
  • support scientic exchange with researchers outside the center
  • coordinate and advance the courses in the field of mechanics and numerics at the TU Braunschweig
  • make the activities of the center known to experts and the general public

To contact the office of the center, please refer to:

Gunhild Voß
Institut für Angewandte Mechanik
Pockelsstraße 3
38106 Braunschweig

Phone 0531 391-94361
Fax 0531 391-94399


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