Untersuchung der technischen Kapazitäten von Gasnetzen

[Forschung, I. Joormann]

Erzeugung von Zertifikaten für die Unzulässigkeit der technischen Kapazitäten an einem Netzpunkt

PI: Prof. Dr. M. Pfetsch
Researcher: Dr. I. Joormann
Funding: Federal Ministery for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)
Duration: Jul 2009 – Jun 2012

This project is part of the BMWi project “Investigation of the technical capacities of gas networks”, in which six research partners and one gas transportation company are involved. The technical capacities determine the upper bounds on the amount of gas that can be charged into or discharged from a gas network, which limit the revenue of a gas transportation company. Therefore, a central aspect is to compute the technical capacities.

In our sub-project, we want to determine so-called certificates for the infeasibility of certain gas nominations. For the analysis of technical capacities one has to decide which requests can be handled by the network. If a certain nomination cannot be transported, one wants to know the reason why this nomination is infeasible. Thus a justification is required, i.e., a certificate that is easy to understand. This should be possible without the need for involved simulations or computations. We will concentrate on the development of methods to find such certificates and apply them to the analysis of technical capacities.