Die Lernfabrik

The development of new research questions within current research works and the transfer of knowledge from methods and tools into teaching and training is particularly important for the Chair of Sustainable Manufacturing and Life Cycle engineering. For this reason we have decided to establish Die Lernfabrik (learning factory) as an appropriate platform. Since spring 2012, Die Lernfabrik is a success story in the Technische Univerität Braunschweig.

Die Lernfabrik is member of the Inititive of European Learning Factories.


Die Lernfabrik consists of three pillars: The Research Lab, the Experience Lab and the Education Lab. In each pillar, the focus will be either put more on research or on teaching. All pillars have their thematic orientation in common. Across the two research fields of the Chair of Sustainable Manufacturing and Life Cycle Engineering, the focus areas addressed in Die Lernfabrik are:

  • Energy and Resource Efficient Manufacturing
  • Industry 4.0
  • Urban Factories
  Research Lab
  Experience Lab
  Education Lab


Research Lab

The research lab focusses on the dissemination of research results and the continuous derivation of new research questions. Covering an area of over 800 within the Institute of Machine Tools and Production Technology, the research lab utilises industry-related infrastructure to try out innovative research prototypes and tools in a real production environment. Thus, tests can be run on machines and equipment level, as well as on factory-level involving the entire technical building services. This way, interactions between machines and the technical air conditioning of the factory and the building shell can be measured and evaluated.

Experience Lab

In the experience lab the focus is put on the transfer of research methods and tools into teaching of engineering students as well as in the training of experts. For this purpose, a factory within the factory was built up. The model factory consists of a real functioning modular production system in a process chain along with its own technical building services. Without high electrical voltages and large mechanical forces, learners can define their own research objectives and can conduct their own experiments to test ans strenghten their theoretical knowledge in practice. Through the approach of practice-oriented learning, the learners will achieve their knowledge much more quickly in comparison to standard classroom-based approaches.

Education Lab

In the education lab as a central facility of the Technische Universität Braunschweig, the technical and commercial apprenticeship training takes place. The trainees learn in an energetically renovated and technologically re-equipped workshop the fundamentals of metal working and the electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic circuit construction. As a title of the training, the learning content is extended to include the topics of energy and resource efficiency as well as of Industry 4.0. Energy efficient circuitry, mineral oil-free cooling lubricants and effective use of compressed air are part of the daily activities.


For more information, please contact:


Dr.-Ing. Gerrit Posselt [g.posselt@tu-braunschweig.de | 0531 391 7609]

Further contact persons:

Dipl.-Ing. Benjamin Neef [b.neef@tu-braunschweig.de | 0531 391 8751]

M.Sc. Max Juraschek [m.juraschek@tu-braunschweig.de | 0531 391 8752]

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