Sediment fluxes

We investigate and quantify different aspects of matter transport along the present day fluvial pathway across different spatial scales (hill slopes, sub-catchments, entire basin) in the Nam Co catchment, combining in-situ measurements of matter yields with ground-based geophysical characterization of soil and sediment sources. Concurrent multi-temporal and multi-sensor remote sensing including Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) systems will be applied because they provide imagery of land surface dynamics even during the monsoon season.


Quantification and modeling of solute matter transport during the annual cycle


Assessment of sedimentary budgets and permafrost content with capacitive resistivity


Catchment wide remote sensing of sediment source dynamics


Sediment flux analysis based on cosmogenic nuclides


Geophysical methods to constrain sediment and water transport models at Alpine Catchments in Tibet


Estimation of soil moisture in the Tibetan Plateau Region using advanced remote sensing methods