There are currently no open positions available.

Applications for the program are open to well-motivated and highly-qualified candidates from all countries.

Requirements are:

  • a diploma or master of science degree in geosciences, environmental sciences, biological sciences, physics, chemistry, or related fields, including a corresponding thesis.
  • Proficiency in English as English is the official language of the program.

Requirements for the individual PhD projects can be derived from the project descriptions.

If you are already funded as a doctoral researcher at TU Braunschweig, FSU Jena or LU Hannover,
you can be admitted to TransTiP as an associated member. Contact the program coordinator for
more information on this.

Your application consists of three steps:

1. Submission of application documents
2. (Possibly) Skype interview
3. (Possibly) Participation in a Candidate Colloquium in Braunschweig, Germany

How to apply?  see details

You have further questions? Please contact our Coordination Office