1. Who can complete the Fit4TU self-assessment?

Fit4TU is for all prospective students. It is aimed particularly at students interested in a graduate programme who want to make sure they choose the right degree programme and a suitable university from the many options available. Students who are already enrolled on a programme or who have completed vocational training can also benefit from completing a self-assessment.

2. What is the aim of the Fit4TU self-assessment?

This self-assessment is intended to help prospective students find out as much as they can about a degree programme and then make a conscious decision about whether to study at TU Braunschweig. To achieve this, the self-assessment provides details about the degree programmes, about starting your studies, and about the university. By comparing your own expectations with the actual content and requirements of a degree programme, the self-assessment provides guidance and certainty for this important decision concerning your future career.

3. What is the Fit4TU self-assessment about? What exactly should I expect?

The Fit4TU self-assessment comprises several sections. It is designed like a big questionnaire. You will be asked about your personal expectations of the degree programme, about your behavioural and personality characteristics, and about any subject-specific prior knowledge you may have. You will also be given plenty of helpful information about the programme and the start of your studies. After each section of the questionnaire, you will be given detailed feedback on the results, as well as hints on how to best prepare for the degree programme.

4. How much does it cost to complete the Fit4TU self-assessment?

Completion of the Fit4TU self-assessment is free of charge.

5. What do I need to keep in mind for a correct interpretation of the results?

With your results, you will be given a guide on how to interpret them as well as further information. In order tu use the results adequately for self-reflection, it is important that you always give honest answers and that you only use the aids specified. You should not let others help you in answering the questions and completing the tasks, as this could distort your results.

6. How is the Fit4TU self-assessment different from an aptitude test or an admissions test?

Unlike an aptitude test or admission tests, the Fit4TU self-assessment aims to encourage self-reflection. It enables you, as the person completing the self-assessment, to decide yourself whether you are suited to your preferred degree programme or what additional knowledge you may still be lacking.

7. Why are there different self-assessments for the individual degree programmes?

Every programme has its own contents and structure. Different prior knowledge and skills are expected from new students, and different programmes have specific offers for prospective students, aimed, for instance, at a specific target group or specialism. In order to tailor the information provided and the content of the individual sections of the self-assessment to the interests of prospective students, there is a separate self-assessment for every degree programme. The sections of the self-assessment are similar, but their content varies depending on the degree programme.

  last changed 12.01.2017
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