Digital Teaching

 Digitale Lehre

Crises are often drivers of transformation. The Covid 19 pandemic has initiated various development processes in university teaching; first and foremost, the enormous growth of digital and digitally-supported teaching-learning settings. The Digital Teaching project aims to collect the experiences of teachers and students as well as learnings and good practices from pandemic-related university teaching, to disseminate them widely and to question their transferability to future teaching. In addition, the project identifies the support needs of teachers and develops event and advisory offerings for digital and digitally-supported teaching-learning settings. The project is financed from study quality funds.

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Teaching in English

The development and expansion of the range of courses taught in English is an essential field of action in the internationalisation process of the TU Braunschweig. The International Teaching project aims to gradually increase the number of English-taught courses offered throughout the university by the end of 2025. By doing so, it creates advantages for German and international students as well as researchers, and increases the attractiveness of TU Braunschweig both as place to study and as an international partner university.

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International Teaching Collaboration

Internationale Lehrkooperationen

The International Teaching Collaboration project aims to complement both face-to-face and online courses with international exchange formats, such as virtual exchanges, to enhance students' professional, intercultural and (foreign) language education. We support interested teaching staff from all faculties in planning suitable formats; for example, by finding potential partners and helping with application processes for funding, providing university and media didactic advice on designing the course, or providing logistical support during implementation.

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Learning from each other, shaping international digital teaching for the TU Braunschweig and beyond: this is the aim of the project Promoting Digital Education through Global Interconnection. Previous experience and developed solutions in the area of digital teaching are made sustainably usable in order to create a future-oriented and resource-saving range of courses. In an internal funding line, projects are being carried out in the university’s faculties and subjects to establish and expand digital international study programmes and modules. A central component is a comprehensive networking and support structure that is open to all teachers at TU Braunschweig.

ProDiGI is funded by the Stiftung Innovation in der Hochschullehre (Foundation for Innovation in University Teaching).

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