Promoting Digital education through Global Interconnection (ProDiGI)

Promoting Digital education through Global Interconnection (ProDiGI)

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SAiL Grant - Strengthening and Developing International Teaching

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Our Project

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The project’s aim is to make the particularly extensive recent experiences with challenges and possible solutions to digital teaching sustainably usable for the future. As a concrete and holistic application scenario, international English-language teaching is used. Central to this is the "Digital Incubator" (DI), which is established as a physical and virtual contact point, impulse generator, and distributor to promote the development of a future-oriented range of university courses. The core of this is the implementation of projects in the faculties and subject areas promoting the development and expansion of digital international modules and university programmes. In addition to these projects, a comprehensive networking and support structure is being created, consisting of various networking formats, a think tank for new university programmes, and a qualification offer for university staff. Through the accompanying evaluation, empirical knowledge is collected and constantly fed back into the Digital Incubator. The curricular integration of the developed university programmes and modules represents an important goal for a sustainable, resource-saving, and future-oriented change in teaching and studying at the TU Braunschweig.

The project is funded with 3.3 million euros by the Stiftung Innovation in der Hochschullehre (Foundation for Innovation in University Teaching).

Our Funding Line

ProDiGI has set itself the task of supporting the faculties in their efforts and commitment to international digital teaching on a decentralized basis. One component of this is the ProDiGI funding line, which regularly invites lecturers to apply for financial support in the form of personnel, material or investment funds in various areas. You can find more information on this below.

Please note: There ist an open Call for Proposals for the SAiL-Grant! Proposals can be submitted until 3 May 2024.

The "Baukasten Lehre"

Since the beginning of 2023, the "Baukasten Lehre", which was created as part of ProDiGI and with content from the "Digital Teaching" project, has been available to you for your teaching design. This toolbox serves as an information platform with the aim of providing lecturers both within the university and beyond TU Braunschweig with information, materials and handouts for designing teaching in a bundled and individually searchable form.

You can access the "Baukasten Lehre" via this link.

Our Teaching Labs

Another focus of our project is on equipping new digital environments and improving existing settings that can support you in your international teaching activities today and in the future. We therefore offer you the opportunity to make use of high-quality video equipment which is now available at each of the six faculties and can be booked by all teaching staff of TU Braunschweig. These teaching labs are equipped with cameras, screens, lighting and a green screen.

Further information and exact location descriptions can be found here.


An evaluation takes place during the funding period of each of our funded teaching projects. Further information can be found here.

Get Support from Our Student Assistants

ProDiGI offers personnel support for international and digital courses. Our student assistants will be happy to help you prepare and implement your teaching. Click here  to request an appointment.

Practical Examples

Looking for impulses? Here you will find an overview of previously funded projects in the field of digital international teaching.

Do you have any questions?

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Project coordination

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Visibility and Knowledge Transfer

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Media didactics

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