TU Braunschweig self-assessment

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Dear prospective students,

Welcome at the homepage of Fit4TU - the self-assessment especially for prospective students of TU Braunschweig!

To decide for a specific degree programme or university, it is necessary to have an adequate idea about what to expect from studying the degree programme:

  • What are the main contents of teaching?
  • What prior knowledge should I have?
  • How does the everyday life look like during the programme?
  • Are my expectations concerning the studies at TU Braunschweig met in reality?
  • Further down the line, what do vocational fields look like?

Fit4TU, the self-assessment of TU Braunschweig, answers all these questions and provides you with the necessary assistance for choosing the right degree programme, which is an important step significantly influencing your future.

We wish you lots of fun and success!

At this point, prospective students of the following degree programmes can use the self-assessment for assistance with their choice: