About Us


Who We Are

We are a central partner for innovative and future-oriented teaching, learning and working at the TU Braunschweig. We open up spaces for professional and personal development. Together with you, we shape transformation processes in the digital and international university.
Throughout the semester, we have a wide range of workshops to choose from, as well as consultation and support formats. In addition, we are your contact for individual questions regarding the topics of studying and teaching.

How We Work

  • We support teaching staff and students in finding ways to improve the quality of teaching and learning in the (digitalised) university.

  • We use current discourse on university teaching, scientific findings and your needs as a guide when setting topics and designing programmes.

  • We provide creative impulses for a future-oriented teaching-learning culture.

  • We support innovative teaching and teaching developments to prepare for future challenges in the digitalised teaching-learning world.

  • We advise and coach in order to expand the possibilities for professional practice.

  • We work with you to understand and reflect on the use of media for (future) learning, living and working.

  • We promote interdisciplinary exchange and networking between all status groups.

  • We work cooperatively and maintain an open and transparent culture of knowledge transfer and sharing.

The Team


The work the Teaching and Media Education Team does is guided by the following university-wide strategies and concepts, among others:


The Project House Teaching and Media Education is involved in the following networks, among others: