Transparency in Research

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Technische Universität Braunschweig recognises its responsibility towards society and is committed to providing transparency in its research. To achieve this goal, we continuously provide easy access to information on our research projects and their results. As researchers at TU Braunschweig plan and implement their projects, they may come across questions as to a research project's potential consequences for public safety and health or the environment. When that happens, they can consult the university's central Ethics Committee.

Technische Universität Braunschweig wants to enable a public discussion about research commissions, research subjects and the assessment of possible consequences in the application of research findings. Every year, beginning in March 2016, TU Braunschweig publishes a list of the previous year's third-party funded research projects. This list includes details about the organisation(s) involved, the sponsor and the project's title, duration and funding amount. Where confidentiality has been contractually agreed, that information is provided in an abstract way.

In publishing this list, TU Braunschweig adheres to the Higher Education Development Agreement (Hochschulentwicklungsvertrag) of the institutes of higher education in Lower Saxony of November 2013 and to the Guidelines on Transparency in Research (Leitlinien zur Transparenz in der Forschung) of the State Conference of Higher Education Institutions in Lower Saxony (Landeshochschulkonferenz) and the State Ministry for Science and Culture of February 2015.

Information on current third-party funded projects at Technische Universität Braunschweig can be found via the informational pages and databases of funding agencies:

  • GEPRIS (German Project Information System of the DFG)

  • Funding catalogue (joint project database of various federal ministries, including the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, in German)

  • Project-Persons-Search of the Volkswagen Foundation

  • CORDIS (project database for EU-funded projects)

  • AIF (project database of the cooperative industrial research agency IGF, in German)

  • Information on Open Access at TU Braunschweig