Additional Qualifications

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Why not venture a look outside your own study area,

perhaps with a stay abroad, a language course, or classes on career choices and planning? These additional qualifications will help you to plan your personal career.

Stay abroad

The mobility office at the International House advises and supports all students at the TU Braunschweig with wanderlust in their international projects.

Whether you're studying, doing an internship or doing your doctorate - at the Mobility Office you can find out what possibilities you have to stay abroad and how to best plan it.

Studying abroad Doing an internship abroadPhD abroad

Language classes

Learn one of 12 foreign languages or German as a foreign language at TU Braunschweig. Besides language courses that are required for specific degree programmes, you can also take a class as an elective subject and earn credits towards your general education requirements.

Most classes take place during the semester, but some are also held during the lecture-free period. Please visit the Language Centre’s website to learn more about the classes on offer and how to enrol.

Learn a foreign languageLearn German as a foreign language

Certificate: German as a foreign language

The German as a Foreign Language programme was designed for students from any discipline who are in their third semester or later. You will learn how to teach non-native speakers in German and have the chance to earn a certificate. Abroad, this will serve as proof of your ability to impart the German language and allow you to teach it as a subject.

Information for future teachers: In view of the growing number of pupils with migrant backgrounds, many schools welcome additional qualifications in German as a Second Language.

The website of the Institute for German Studies is in German. Please switch to the German version of this site to find the related links.

Career orientation and planning

It’s never too early to start thinking about your future. The TU Braunschweig Career Service offers free workshops and training courses, not only for graduates but also – and especially – for students.

For example, the Career Service offers the following to first and second semester students:

  • Identification of personal potential and aptitudes;
  • Hands-on work experience as a student employee; or
  • Training course on key competencies, such as self- and time management

For third and fourth semester students, the staff at the Career Service offer assistance in preparing for job application procedures and hold a variety of workshops, for example on networking.

Female students from mathematics, computer science, the natural sciences, and technology receive additional support via the fiMINT project. In addition to workshops and job application training, there are also excursions focusing on female role models in companies.

The website of the Career Service is in German. Please switch to the German version of this site to find the related links.


Mentors will support you with questions about your career planning, the first phase of your studies or the transition from studies to work. They will give you insights into their own career, everyday life at the university, as well as fields and cultures of work. They will accompany you both in your personal and professional development.

The TU Braunschweig offers you a variety of different mentoring programs. These offer you high-quality mentoring. Each programme is aimed at a different group of interested people. The coordinators of the programmes are in regular contact with each other and support you in finding the right mentoring offer. Simply browse through the mentoring offer of the TU Braunschweig.


Interdisciplinary Qualification in the Module » Was mit Medien « [All about media]

Chatting, posting selfies, reading news or attending online lectures - you are always doing something with media. The ability to understand and use media is an important competence in all areas of life. That's why the Team Teaching and Media Education offers you a versatile range of classes on digital literacy and future skills in the interdisciplinary programme » Was mit Medien « [All about media]. In this programme, students from all disciplines engage with perspectives from media theory as well as practice the use of tools for living and working in digitalised fields of action.

To the teaching offers

Digital Literacy Certificate

Digital literacy comprises not only knowing about digitalisation but also being able to benefit from it, being able to fully exploit the potential of media and being prepared for tomorrow's working environment by applying future skills. As a student at the TU Braunschweig, you have the opportunity to obtain a certificate on your acquired skills in the areas of media, information and digital transformation.

Digital Literacy Certificate