Discontinuation and Credentials Certification

Altgebäude - the Historic Main Building - with students


If you do not want to renew your matriculation for the next semester, you need to have yourself removed from the register of students.

Discontinuation is necessary if, for example:

  • you plan to study at a different university,
  • take a break or discontinue your studies,
  • you have completed your studies,
  • your exchange programme has come to an end.

Credentials certification

If you want to work abroad after your studies or, if you are an international student, return to your home country, you may need to prove that your German documents are valid.

To do so, the process is as follows:

  • First of all, the university needs to verify that the signatures on your documents (transcript/certificate) are valid. Please bring the originals to the Matriculation Office.
  • Only after the Matriculation Office has confirmed the validity of the signatures on your documents can they be certified.
  • After this, the diplomatic mission or consular representation of the country in which the documents will be used will verify their authenticity.

Matriculation Office contact