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Achieving your PhD with structure and support

PhD projects are challenging. At Technische Universität Braunschweig, GradTUBS graduate academy offers all PhD students from all disciplines and faculties support as they work towards their PhD degree in the form of interesting events and training courses tailored to specific groups.

Another task of the GradTUBS is the promotion of collegial exchanges, which enable PhD students to obtain continuous feedback on their progress. Moreover, exchange between science and practice is increased through networking with regional and trans-regional businesses.

The main cornerstone of GradTUBS is a comprehensive range of courses for developing key skills relevant to the chosen career. The PhD students can choose between various offers from the categories of communication, careers and prospects, organization and management, skills for scientific research, software skills and networking in German or English. In addition, the Career Coaching programme module helps participants analyse their own strengths and develop a long-term career strategy.

Happy New Year!

The Graduate Academy wishes you a happy and successful 2020!

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