Financing and Costs

Financing and Costs

Financing options

Rent, food and transportation: the monthly expenses of students are substantial. However, there are many options for financing your studies. With the help of BAföG or a credit, you can focus all your energies on your studies. Alternatively, you can look for a suitable part-time job, possibly at the university, or apply for a scholarship.

EURO banknotes and coins
EURO banknotes and coins

Semester contribution

In order to enrol at the TU Braunschweig or to register back for the coming semester, you have to pay your semester contribution. If you enrol at the university for the first time, you must transfer your semester contribution to the university when registering. If you are already enrolled at the TU Braunschweig, please transfer the total amount by the respective deadline (01.02. for a summer semester, 01.08. for a winter semester).


The semester contribution for the 2024 summer semester covers the following:

  • EUR 112.00 Student Support Services contribution
  • EUR 176.92 student body contribution (including the Semester Ticket)
  • EUR 75.00 contribution to administrative costs

= EUR 363,92 semester contribution

From the 2007 summer semester until the 2014 winter semester, students matriculated at universities in Lower Saxony, including TU Braunschweig, were required to pay a tuition contribution of EUR 500.00 per semester. These tuition fees were abolished by the Lower Saxony State Parliament by law of 11 December 2013 for the winter semester 2014/2015.

In addition, you might have to pay long-term tuition fees.

Long-term tuition fees | Payment options


Tuition fees

Long-term tuition fees are levied if students exceed the standard period of study for their subject by more than six semesters. In some further education programmes, you pay tuition fees, and guest students are also assessed a special fee.

Students aged 60 and above must pay a tuition fee of EUR 800.00 per semester.

Study Balances

Long-term tuition fees are not charged as long as the student has a study balance.

The balance is calculated from the number of semesters of the standard period of study for the selected undergraduate programme plus six additional semesters (Bachelor 6 semesters standard period of study + 6 tolerance semesters). For a consecutive Master's programme, the credit balance is increased by the number of semesters of the standard period of study for this programme (4 semesters as a standard period of study).

If the student has obtained the degree qualifying for the Master's programme at a university located abroad or at a university located in Germany which is not permanently state-funded, the credit balance results from the number of semesters of the double standard period of study of the Master's programme (4 semesters as a standard period of study + 4 semesters as a standard period of study).

The credit is reduced by the number of semesters of a previous course of study at a higher education institution located in Germany which is under state responsibility or is permanently supported by the state.

The credit will not be used up in semesters or trimesters in which the student

  1. is on leave,
  2. actually cares for a child within the meaning of § 25 Para. 5 BAföG who has not yet reached the age of 14 at the beginning of the semester or trimester,
  3. cares for a close relative or a close relative within the meaning of § 7 Para. 3 of the Care Period Act and the need for care within the meaning of § 3 Para. 2 of the Care Period Act has been proven,
  4. acts as an elected representative in an organ of the university, student body or student union, or
  5. performs the duties of Equal Opportunities Officer.

Points 4 and 5 shall apply for a maximum of two semesters or three trimesters.

Payment options for contributions and fees

By transferring the semester contribution and/or tuition fees, you matriculate yourself at TU Braunschweig, or renew your matriculation, for the coming semester.