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Central contact point for Ukrainian students and researchers

TU Braunschweig has set up a central point of contact for Ukrainian students and researchers. If you have any questions about the current situation or need support, please contact Anja Cziommer (students) or Astrid Sebastian (researchers) via email:

A doctorate in Germany usually means conducting an individual research project under the guidance of a professor. You can do your doctorate at TU Braunschweig in all disciplines offered. The time required to complete a doctoral degree ranges from 3 to 5 years, depending on your field of research and the progress of your research work.

Head of Mobile Researchers‘ Services
Dr. Astrid Sebastian
 ☎ +49 531 391 14330


Mobile Researchers‘ Services
Annika Ewe
☎ +49 531 391 14334

Student Assistants
Loulia Almajzoub
Ömer Özkan
Irem Yigit

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Office hours

Please schedule your personal appointment at more(at)



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