The TU Braunschweig Student Identity Card

Lecture in the Audimax
Lecture in the Audimax

The TUcard, the electronic student ID card, replaces the Leporello, the collection of documents formerly used at TU Braunschweig. It combines the functions of the Leporello, the library card and the MensaCard.

For your TUcard to be valid, you will need to validate it once it is issued and again at the beginning of each new semester. This process encodes your current data on the card’s thermal sensitive foil via a validation printer.

To top up the balance on your TUcard, for example for paying at a refectory, you can use top-up machines (including those already available in the refectories).

To print documents, you can transfer credit from your TUcard to a personal print account, using a print account machine.

To use the University Library, newly matriculated students will first need to register online and then at the circulation desk. If you already have a library card, you will need to have your TUcard synchronised once at the circulation desk.



The TUcard and its online services on the portal replace the Leporello and the library card. You can access those online services using any web browser at https://connect.tu-braunschweig.de.

Overview of the TUcard’s functions:

Smart card

  • Student identity card
  • Semester ticket (only valid with current, readable validation; validation printer locations are listed under “Locations”)
  • Library card
  • Mensa card
  • Payment device for your print account
  • Identification for university and student body elections

Online services

  • All certificates of study (e.g. general certificates of matriculation and certificates for BAföG and health insurance purposes)
  • Provisional semester ticket (only when presented with a student ID)


Starting in the 2015/2016 winter semester, your TUcard will serve as identification for university and student body elections. At the urn, your card will be read and you will be registered as a voter. You will then receive your ballot so that you can exercise your right to vote. To vote by post, please contact Department 11, as before. The corresponding form can be downloaded from the online services section. https://vorlesungen.tu-braunschweig.de

Semester contribution refunds

Once the TUcard has been introduced, refunds will only be possible for the entire semester ticket. A separate refund for the train ticket (Deutsche Bahn, DB) or the bus and tram ticket (Braunschweiger Verkehrs-GmbH) will no longer be an option. During the course of a semester, the refundable amount will decrease in accordance with the time the TUcard has already been in use.

To request a refund for your semester ticket, please follow the steps below:


  • Apply for a refund with the AStA.
  • Revalidate your TUcard (deleting the semester ticket).
  • Present your TUcard at the Study Service Centre and fill out the forms for DB and Braunschweiger Verkehrs-GmbH.
  • Take the completed forms to the Matriculation Office.

Damage and replacement cards

To avoid damage to the TUcard, we ask you to keep it in a suitable sleeve. Please protect the card from bending, high temperatures and scratches.

In case of problems or a lost card, please contact the Matriculation Office immediately to avoid misuse.

Study Service Centre
Haus der Wissenschaft, Pockelsstraße 11
0531 391-4321

Outside the Matriculation Office’s opening hours, you can report your lost card to the University Library.

University Library
Universitätsplatz 2
0531 391-5017

In case of loss or damage caused by improper use, you will have to pay for your replacement card. The Study Service Centre can issue new cards at any time.

If you have problems using any machines, please be sure to read through the instructions displayed on the machines.

Data protection

In addition to the visible data (name, passport photo and matriculation number) the following data is stored electronically on the TUcard:

  • Manufacturer’s Mifare serial number
  • Card sequence number
  • Credit balance information as per Student Services
  • Matriculation number as identification for the Matriculation Office
  • Valid date (= card creation date)
  • End date
  • Library user number

All data protection issues have been examined closely in cooperation with TU Braunschweig’s data protection officer, prior to introduction of the TUcard.