TSSD flat plate tests successful

The effectiveness of the TSSD concept for laminar flow control was tested successfully on a flat plate in DNW-NWB in Braunschweig.

In April 2021, a TSSD suction skin panel was tested on a flat plate in the DNW-NWB low speed wind tunnel facility in Braunschweig. Tests were conducted in order to check the effectiveness of the TSSD concept with respect to its ability of stabilizing a laminar boundary layer at high Reynolds numbers. Delay of laminar to turbulent transition of the flow by applying boundary layer suction was visualized through infrared imaging. The TSSD panel performed as predicted and the test campaign turned out to be a complete success. Nevertheless, the ultimate prove of the concept for aircraft application is only possible by testing a realistic structure. Therefore, a suction nose representing the middle section of a leading-edge box from an A320 fin has been manufactured by DLR. This fin will be tested in a large-scale demonstration in the German-Dutch Wind Tunnels Large Low Speed Facility (DNW-LLF) with scientific supervision by the Institute of Fluid Mechanics (ISM) of Technical University Braunschweig. These activities are conducted within the frame of the ALVAR consortium with DLR as the topic leader.