ALVAR - Advance Laminar Flow Control with Variable Porosity

Fin and porous layer

The ALVAR project aims at demonstrating technology readiness level of four for a novel suction skin structure, the tailored skin single duct (TSSD). That is, the technology must be thoroughly tested at representative conditions in a large laboratory. DLR manufactures therefore a suction nose to be tested on a full-scale wind tunnel model of a vertical fin that replicates the surface pressure distribution and Reynolds number of an A320 fin at cruise conditions. If successful, the ALVAR project will pave the way for introducing the technology to the wings and tail surfaces of large future commercial aircraft. That could reduce the fuel consumption by 12-15%, with similar savings on the greenhouse effect of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Exploitation & Dissemination

Results of ALVAR are published on conferences, in peer-reviewed journals and by patent. Check out our list of Publications

 Video with some impressions from the large-scale wind tunnel testing


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rolf Radespiel

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