BMBF Project: "Treatment of tapioca wastewater and sustainable water pollution control management of key economic zones in southern Vietnam"

A joint Vietnamese-German group of researchers and companies is elaborating possibilities to reduce the water pollution of surface waters in the Saigon Dong Nai river basin in Southern Vietnam. The main objective of the project funded by both countries is to develop procedures and techniques to sustainably improve the water quality of polluted surface waters.

Project Phases:

  • Initial Phase 01/2007 - 03/2008
  • Main Phase 03/2009 - 10/2012
Saigon River
Saigon river in Ho Chi Minh City


Funding-period: 01.03.2009 to 31.10.2012

Funded by: Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF, Germany),

Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST, Vietnam)