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Dissertation topic

Lightweight design is consider as one of the most innovative and manifest solutions to fulfil environmental and safety targets with competitive price. Choosing the best design and process for productions in development period is the most significant ring of automobile production chain. Wide range of design and process parameters need to be evaluated to achieve countless goals of productions. These goals have normally deep conflict together. Addition to number and variation of solutions and objectives, some limitations like manufacturing restrictions, financial limits, and deadlines influence on choosing some good combination of variables. Thus, an accurate, reliable, fast, and unlimited optimization tools would be necessary in development process between CAD and CAE departments.

This study, introduce a structural optimization tools for sheet made assemblies e.g. automobile body, based on parametrization and evaluation of solutions in CAD and CAE respectively.  This methodology focus on those solutions, which lead to use right amount of light/strong material in right place of structure, instead of completely replacement. To consider the manufacturing limitations of sheet parts and additional cost of many-piece structures a constraint model is proposed that is embedded inside the optimization tools.

An adaptive hybrid metaheuristic is designed to prevent every factors, which threat optimization tools to converge in a local minima instead of global optimum. Finding the global optimum is granted using of some explorative and exploitative search heuristics, which are intelligently organized by central controller. Reliability, accuracy, and speed of proposed algorithm is validated via a comparative study with similar algorithms in academicals optimization problem and introduces respectable outcomes.

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