Institute of Philosophy

» Mission statement

Studying philosophy at Technische Universität Braunschweig is, in a way, special. Because you learn to think about the implications of a technological world while this world is actually made. Therefore, we offer students from all faculties courses in which present technologies and scientific knowledge is analyzed and grounded from a humanities' perspective. You can earn a philosophy degree with our Bachelor-Programme Philosophy and within the transdisciplinary Masters-Programme "Culture of the Technoscientific World" (KTW - Kultur der technisch-wissenschaftlichen Welt). Since Fall 2017, we offer a philosophy minor for students in Computer Science/Informatics, since 2021 we contribute a mandatory course Ethics&Epistemology to the international Masters Program in Data Science. This adds to our long established course in Environmental Ethics for students in Environmental Engineering.

Our approaches encompass methods from philosophy of science and technology, ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of law, philosophy of nature, anthropology, social philosophy, epistemology, philosophy of mind and history of philosophy. We publish in German, English, French and Spanish.

Braunschweig's Institute of Philosophy exists since 1925 and was founded by philosopher Willy Moog, a student of Georg Simmel. It is engaged in debating interdisciplinary and intercultural questions, and also the relations of philosophy and gender studies. We see the emerging field of Science and Technology Studies (STS) as an opportunity to newly reflect on old philosophical problems. Therefore, we also set a high value on classical philosophy education based on the ideas that have emerged and still emerge from antiquity and beyond.