Studying Philosophy at TU Braunschweig

» Overview

Here you find:

You can also study Philosophy as part of other Bachelor or Master programs:

  • BSc Psychology (FK 2)
  • BSc Physics (FK 5)
  • BSc Computer Science
  • BSc Mathematics
  • BA Media Sciences (FK 1)
  • BSc/MSc Environmental Engineering and Landscape Ecology (FK 3), Course "Environmental Ethics" (Karafyllis) is part of the so-called "Pool-Area"

» Important Notes

Please consider:

  1. If you have any doubts on course requirements and assessment methods, please ask your instructor.
  2. All written exams and final reports have to be signed with the following declaration of academic honesty (in German), preventing plagiarism:

    Ich versichere, dass die vorliegende Arbeit ohne fremde Hilfe angefertigt wurde und dass ich außer der von mir angegebenen Literatur keine weitere benutzt habe. Die wörtlich übernommenen Stellen sind als solche gekennzeichnet.

  3. E-Learning: Some courses use Stud.IP. In these cases, you need a banner ID from Gauß-IT-Zentrum.
  4. If you are interested in becoming a research or teaching assistant, please email to Prof. Dr. Nicole Karafyllis. We are welcoming students who are not native German speakers!

» Contact Persons

  • (B.A.): Prof. Dr. Hans-Christoph Schmidt am Busch and Prof. Dr. Nicole C. Karafyllis
  • (M.A.) KTW: Claudia Wirsing and Steffen Stolzenberger; formal questions: Dr. Claudia Schünemann (FK 6)
  • Professional Training: Mrs. Misamer, Faculty 6
  • Exams: All members of the Department
  • PhD/Dr. phil.: Prof. Dr. Nicole C. Karafyllis and Prof. Dr. Hans-Christoph Schmidt am Busch