The Diversity Office promotes student diversity at TU Braunschweig and is the central contact point for students who encounter obstacles and challenges in their studies.

Visible and non-visible barriers: as diverse as the students themselves.

Whether it´s experiences of discrimination, physical or psychological disabilities, language barriers, situational loads, being a first generation student, taking care of family members, being a student with work experience, family responsibilities, chronic diseases or other challenges – we help to reduce barriers.

Diversity means the conscious and valued exchange between individuals.

In university context this means that all students, teaching and working personnel are appreciated in their individuality and can work and study in an environment free of any discrimination. In order to achieve this, the main goal of the Diversity Office is to reduce barriers and inequality structures and therefore increasing equal opportunities.

So called categories of diversity, for example gender, origin or sexual preferences, cannot be viewed independently from one another. The identity of a person has various aspects, privileges and social positions associated with it. It is important to recognize social inequality and discrimination and oppose them.

The Diversity Office offers:

Here you will find various topics - in addition to basic information, networking opportunities, advice centers and local support services are highlighted.

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Starting in summer 2022, we will use our mailing list to inform everyone interested in the topics of diversity and anti-discrimination at the TU Braunschweig.

We will send current offers from the Diversity Coordination Office, information, reading tips or event information - brief and up-to-date.

Here you can register for the diversity@TU mailing list