Student networks

From summer semester 2021 the Diversity Office wants to increase the promotion of exchange and networking of students by initiating various student networks regarding different topics: LGBTIQ*@TU, BIPoC@TU, FirstGen@TU (First Generation Students).

This way we create a safe space for you to exchange and support each other. The Diversity Office supports you with consultation and accompanies the group building process, if desired.

You wish to have exchange and networking with other students at TU Braunschweig?
Contact diversity(at) and become a member of a student network.

Regarding topics like studying with a disablity ("Studieren mit Beeinträchtigung") there is the group "all-inklusiv" (Representative for the needs of students with disabilities or chronic diseases) and studying as a parent ("Studieren mit Kind/ern") (Family Office).