Diversity Mentoring

Would you like individual support, exchange and interaction with students of the same discipline?

Diversity Mentoring offers students of all disciplines, who are confronted with barriers in their studies for various reasons, better orientation and support in their everyday university life.

The contents of the Diversity Mentoring are individually coordinated – depending on the needs of the mentees and the knowledge of the mentors, the focus can be on orientation at the university, on joint considerations for structuring everyday student life or on a completely different topic.

Content and procedure

For the time being, the mentees will be accompanied for the period of one semester.The project consists of a joint supporting program of the entire group as well as career-relevant workshops and (monthly) meetings of all participants of the Diversity Mentoring – the place and time can be determined individually.

Objectives and content

What is mentoring?

During mentoring, one person (mentor) supports and advises students (mentees). The focus is on the further development of one's own personality as well as the development of professional competencies for later careers.


  • recognition of differences and similarities
  • improvement of study conditions
  • orientation during your studies
  • avoidance of dropouts
  • establishment of a social network at the TU Braunschweig
  • creating career prospects
  • ability to address barriers during your studies and look for solutions


In order to make the parameters of the mentoring relationship transparent for all parties involved, it is advisable to sign a mentoring agreement the first-time meeting.The agreement has to include the mentees and mentors goals for their partnership as well as the type and frequency of contacts. In addition, the participants commit themselves to confidentiality in this contract and agree to the binding nature of their tasks within the framework of the Diversity Mentoring.




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