Faculty 4

Doctorates at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering can confer the doctoral degree Dr.-Ing. (Doctor of Engineering).

The doctoral process (Strukturiertes Doktorat) comprises independent scientific activity, as well as accepting responsibilities at the institute (in research, teaching and/or administration), and additionally participating in advanced qualification measures through the workshop programme of the graduate academy GradTUBS.

The participation at the graducate academy is determined in the faculty's doctoral regulations as of 16.05.2017.

Hence, PhD students must partake in at least four soft skill courses during the time of their doctoral studies at the faculty. For this, the graduate academy's corresponding workshop programme can be harnessed free of charge. See the workshop programme's course listing to find out if a course can be credited to you doctoral studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (see doctoral regulations § 3 (4c)).

In individual cases, you can also apply for other soft-skill qualification measures, which are offered by other institutions, to be credited after being deemed equivalent to graduate academy programmes by the GradTUBS office. Applications then are processed and decided on by the department's doctoral commission (see doctoral regulations § 3 (4d)).

To check the recognition of externally attended workshops please fill out this document and send it together with your attendance certificates to gradtubs(at)tu-braunschweig.de

Exceptions: For workshops of the following doctoral programmes, the equivalency test is not necessary. Submit the proof of participation directly to the doctoral office with the application for opening.

  •     DLR Graduate Program
  •     Volkswagen Group Academy / AutoUni
  •     BMW Group Academy

For more detailed information on the organisation and process of achieving your doctorate, please refer to the corresponding

website of the facultyDoctoral regulations of Faculty 4