Faculty 6

Doctorates at the Faculty of Humanities and Educational Sciences

The Faculty 6 at Technische Universität Braunschweig can confer the doctoral degree Doctor of Philosophy (Dr. phil.).

The graduate academy GradTUBS offers a supporting programme to achieving your doctoral degree. Your participation at the graduate academy is determined in your doctoral regulations:

In order to achieve their doctoral degree at Faculty 6, PhD students must successfully partake in the graduate academy GradTUBS. Over the course of their enrolment, they usually have to fulfill a workload of at least 12 workshop days (WT), whereas they must complete at least one workshop day in each of the three following categories (see doctoral regulations, § 5; attachment 9):

  • Presentation of their thesis
  • Qualification measures in their area of research (academic qualification)
  • Other qualification measures (soft-skills)

To document your record, please let your supervisor affirm your participation in trainings and other activities on the control sheet (available only in German).

You can also apply for that other soft- and hard-skill qualification measures, which are offered by other institutions, can be credited after being deemed equivalent to graduate academy programmes. In individual cases, also qualifications that have been achieved during your studies can be credited if they have been attended outside of the elementary study programme. Applications are processed and decided on by the doctoral commission of Faculty 6.

For more detailed information on the organisation and process of achieving your doctorate, please refer to the corresponding

website of the facultyDoctoral regulations of Faculty 6