Faculty 1

Doctorates at Carl-Friedrich-Gauß-Fakultät

Carl-Friedrich-Gauß-Fakultät can confer the following doctoral degrees:

  • Doctor of Political Science (Dr. rer. pol.)
  • Doctor of Economics (Dr. rer. pol.)
  • Doctor of Social Sciences (Dr. rer. soc.)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Dr. phil.)
  • Doctor of Natural Sciences (Dr. rer. nat.)
  • Doctor of Engineering (Dr.-Ing.)

The current doctoral regulations foresee no obligation to participate in TU Braunschweig's graduate academy GradTUBS. Notwithstanding, PhD students are of course welcome to participate in all programmes offered by the graduate academy!

For more detailed information on the organisation and process of achieving your doctorate, please refer to the corresponding

website of the facultyDoctoral regulations of Faculty 1