Preparatory Courses Mathematics

Mathematics preliminary course in winter semester 2022/23

The Department of Mathematics organises a refresher course in school mathematics for all first-year students of the EITP faculty. In it, the most important areas of secondary levels I and II are repeated.

Further Information

The course has three objectives:

  • Improving computational reliability
  • Increasing the speed of calculation
  • Closing knowledge gaps

To achieve this, you will have the opportunity to work online via the BigBlueButton video conferencing system for up to five hours a day solving problems in small groups under the guidance of a student tutor, as far as possible without a calculator. 

No special preparation is required. To participate, you need your user ID, the so-called y-number, of the TU Braunschweig, which you received automatically with your enrolment.

Pre-course in mathematics for first-year physics students

At the beginning of the winter semester, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Physics offers a mathematics pre-course for first-year students of physics (1-subject Bachelor Physics / 2-subject Bachelor with physics as first or second subject), which is intended to refresh and extend important mathematical school knowledge. The aim of the course, which is supplemented by exercises, is to give the students a mathematical "toolbox" with which the typical physical problems can be mathematically developed during the first semester.

Further information and registration


By calculating tasks, the school material is systematically practised up to the Abitur. The material is somewhat more extensive than in the usual face-to-face pre-course before the start of the winter semester. Participants set their own pace, can take breaks as they wish and have many opportunities for control.

The online maths course is divided into two sections that can be completed independently of each other - but also one after the other. If questions arise, tutors can be reached online (Skype), by phone or email.

For further information, please contact the Carl Friedrich Gauß Faculty, Department of Mathematics.