Biological agents

Ordinance on Safety and Health Protection in Activities with Biological Agents (Biostoffverordnung - BioStoffV).

The ordinance regulates the protection of employees in activities involving biological agents. The aim of the Ordinance on Biological Agents is to prevent infections of employees during their work, but also to protect them from sensitising, toxic or other health-damaging effects when working with biological agents.

Biological Agents Ordinance (BioStoffV)

Information from the Committee on Biological Agents (ABAS), legal texts (including the Technical Rules for Biological Agents - TRBA) and current contributions on biological agents can be found here:

baua - Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

The GESTIS Biological Substances Database contains information for safe activities with biological substances in the workplace, such as the necessary technical, organizational and personal protective measures for "targeted" activities in laboratories, biotechnology and laboratory animal husbandry. In addition, information is provided on important properties of the individual bio-substances, such as occurrence and pathogenic properties.

GESTIS Biological Materials Database