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Protective and safety footwear

When using protective and safety shoes, please observe the following

BG Rule 191 - Use of foot and knee protection (in German)

When using (orthopaedic) insoles, point 4.2 Special types of shoes, shoes for loose insoles applies:

Shoes for loose insoles are intended for persons who have to wear orthopaedic insoles. Normal safety protective and occupational shoes are not suitable.

Several manufacturers offer certified shoes with corresponding insoles, which have to be individually adjusted by the orthopedic shoemaker / technician.

The use of shoe insoles other than those offered by the shoe manufacturer is not permitted because the shoe is modified compared to the tested type. Non-approved insoles can impair, for example, the remaining height under the toe cap or the electrical conductivity.

Information on the cost of the provision of insoles in safety footwear (in German)

Information sheet "Orthopaedic foot protection" (in German)