Strategic University Development

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The Strategic University Development Unit coordinates the strategy processes of TU Braunschweig. It guides the development planning, the target agreement with the State of Lower Saxony and the internal strategy agreements between the university management, the faculties, the administration and the central institutions of the university.

On behalf of the Governance Board and in close communication with the central and decentralised units, it accompanies the university's development processes in terms of design and organisation. With a focus on a coherent overall strategy, it coordinates the integration of digitalisation, internationalisation, equality and diversity as well as the expansion of transfer activities, including global engagement, as relevant cross-sectional topics in the strategic projects at TU Braunschweig.

The Strategic University Development works in close collaboration with the University Development Innovation Team of Project House.


Dr. Phillip Hahn

Phone: +49 531 391-14201


Process Coordination Officer, Deputy Head

Theresa Wegner

Phone: +49 531 391-14202


Strategic Controlling Officer

Cornelia Beier

Phone: +49 531 391-14203


Diversity Policies Officer

Anouk Almstedt

Phone: +49 531 391-14200

Active Recruitment Officer

Dr. Alexandra Eppinger

Phone: +49 531 391-14204


Forumsgebäude (4201)

Universitätsplatz 2

38106 Braunschweig