Institute for Building Climatology and Energy of Architecture

The Institute for Building Climatology and Energy of Architecture teaches and researches at the interface of passive and active building components in architecture. The aspects of building physics and materiality of buildings as well as technical building equipment and energy supply as adjusting screws of climate-neutral building are the focus of the considerations. The aim of the applied building research is to develop strategies for districts and buildings that create sustainable living space with robust construction methods and simple, low-tech systems. The focus is on the simplicity of the systems through a holistic view of facade design and quality, technical supply and networks in order to achieve durability and a high degree of recyclability within the lifecycle oft he materials.

In addition to research on CO2 neutrality in construction and operation at the building and urban level, as well as strategies to generate indoor climates at the macro- and micro comfort level with low-tech concepts, the institute focuses on the methodology of planning processes with the aim of developing robust and sustainable buildings. Increasing requirements on building performance fort he energy efficiency and the development of methods brings a high complexity in the processes of planning and construction as well as for the users in operation. In addition, new methods are available due to the development level of building materials and digitalisation, which represent a high potential in the context of sustainable building. However, these methods are not applicable in the building sector, or they are always based on the usual processes and standards without general changement. Potentials resulting from these developments have to be explored, the standards have to be redefined in parts and instruments which contribute to a simplification have to be integrated into the planning and building process. In addition to digital investigation and simulation tools, one focus is on the practical validation of room climatic, material and energy issues in the institut´s laboratory.


Institute for Building Climatology and Energy of Architecture

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