Institute of Geosystems and Bioindication

The "IGeo" represents an interface between basic and applied research. We are interested in natural climate variability as well as climate and human impact on aquatic ecosystems in both urban and remote, near-natural regions.

Our core areas in research and teaching are based on geoscientific, limnological, ecological and sediment-geological methods, GIS-based landscape reconstructions, and bioindication, the analysis and application of organisms as environmental and climate indicators. We use sediments as environmental archives for long-term monitoring of aquatic ecosystem dynamics.

We train our students in geo-ecosystem understanding so that they are well prepared to assess interdependencies and feedbacks within and outside the geo-ecosystem. Students are qualified for employments in the fields of landscape management, water quality assessment, conservation, (paleo-) climate research and able to develop concepts for environmental protection, especially under the aspects of future climate development and landuse, or to collaborate in international and interdisciplinary research programs.

La Marmotta

Das Forschungsprojekt im Rahmen des Programms „Frenzen-Forschungsgeist!“ - Paläoökologie und menschlicher Einfluss auf den Bracciano See, mit speziellem Fokus auf die frühneolithische Siedlung La Marmotta startet. 


Exkursion: Fischerei im Wandel
Exkursion zu einer Fischerei, um die Mensch-Umwelt-Beziehung und Strukturen und Prozesse von lokalen und globalen Ungleichheiten zu verstehen.


Forschungsprojekt Klimawandel und früher Mensch startet. VolkswagenStiftung fördert Forschungsverbund mit 1,6 Mio. Euro.