The Russian Language

Russia can hardly be surpassed in its diversity. The country's unique location on two continents and its enormous size have shaped its culture and language through a wide variety of influences.


Russian is one of the most widely spoken languages in Europe, with about 210 million speakers worldwide, of which about 150 million are native speakers, and is considered one of the world's languages. It is the original language of numerous important works of world literature and is also widely used in art, science and technology.

The different alphabet alone, which derives from Old Cyrillic, makes it exciting to discover this language. Who wouldn't prefer to read classics like Tolstoy's War and Peace in the original?

Russia is hard to beat in its diversity. The unique location on two continents and the enormous size of the country have shaped the culture and language through the most diverse influences.

Russian has been offered at TU Braunschweig since 1947.

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