Building with nature


The image of Civil Engineering is characterised by large steel or concrete structures that conflict with resource and environmental protection through land sealing and the displacement of ecosystems. But instead of equating Civil Engineering with building "against" nature, we show here examples where Building with Nature represents a paradigm shift towards an environmentally protective and enhancing perspective of building. This topic is becoming increasingly relevant and is a focus at the TU Braunschweig in the training of future generations of civil engineers.

In Building for Nature, for example, revitalisation measures in rivers are scientifically investigated in order to quantify the influences on an ecosystem. Building for Animals deals with questions of how ecological passability can be ensured when rivers are altered by transverse structures for human use. Building with Ecosystems explores the possibilities of ecosystem-strengthening coastal protection. Among other things, our wide sandy beaches are facing the challenge of rising sea levels, and their near-natural adaptation possibilities are examined in more detail in the area of Building with Sand.

Building for Nature

Buidling for Animals

Building with Ecosystems

Building with Sand

Building with Nature

Building with Nature

Bauen für die Natur

Building for Animals


Building with Ecosystems

Bauen mit Sand

Building with Sand

The Large Wave Channel at the Coastal Research Centre (TU Braunschweig / LUH)

Wellenkanal Video

These and many other exciting topics also await you in the study of Civil Engineering. Building with Nature thus takes place in a diverse and challenging area between Biology, Physics, Engineering and many other disciplines, and will continue to require motivated and practice-oriented students in the future to shape our environment and infrastructure.

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