Environmental Sciences

Environmental Sciences

What are Environmental Sciences? (Video in German)

Was ist eigentlich... Umweltnaturwissenschaften?

As an environmental scientist, you will learn a process-oriented understanding of ecosystems including their interactions between the different compartments (e.g. geosphere and biosphere). You will be able to investigate and evaluate the consequences of human interventions for soil, groundwater and atmosphere in order to prevent, eliminate or minimize environmental damage.

This concerns, for example, nitrate leaching into groundwater as well as the contamination of water bodies by nutrients or pollutants. Other issues include climate change caused by greenhouse gases or the preservation or restoration of habitats, be they dead water bodies or drained fens. With the integrating interdisciplinary education at the TU Braunschweig, you will have all the necessary prerequisites to be able to develop solutions for these and other problems.


After your studies, you will primarily work in teams with other natural scientists and engineers in research institutions against the progressive destruction, pollution and restriction of the natural basis of life of humans, fauna and flora, as well as for a viable and sustainable development of our global technology. They can also work in engineering offices for technical planning, in chemical investigation and consulting or in public administration (e.g. in environmental and nature conservation authorities) and politics. Universities are also possible employers, as are environmental protection and development aid organizations. Other employment opportunities are offered by waste management companies or management consulting.

The cross-sectional orientation of the environmental sciences opens up a wide range of opportunities on the job market. Your future jobs will mostly have interface functions that benefit from the moderation skills of environmental scientists who speak many scientific languages.

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