TU Braunschweig strives to align its decisions and processes in all areas of operation, research and teaching in such a way that ecological, social and economic sustainability are a major priority. In this context, climate protection and diligent use of energy and natural resources are of particular importance.

"Universities are places for developing and communicating ideas and concepts about the inner and outer structure of the world and how it could or should develop as a whole in the future. TU Braunschweig is committed to contributing to a sustainable world. Everyone can contribute to this internally and externally, whether in research, teaching, learning, administratiion or idealistically."

Professor Manfred Krafczyk
Porträtfoto Manfred Krafzcyk

Sustainable University

Professor Wolfgang Durner, former Sustainability Officer at TU Braunschweig, about "sustainability on campus" (in German).


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