TYPO3 Mailing List

Via the mailing list we communicate all major updates of the TYPO3 system. We also use the mailing list to inform you about planned maintenance times in advance as well as system downtimes acutely.

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TYPO3 Support

For questions about the TYPO3 system, uncertainties in the handling as well as suggestions for the further development please contact the team of the web editorial office.

You can reach us at

In addition, there is now a space in the Matrix Messenger for networking, exchanging information and asking questions of the TYPO3 team. The name of the public space is TYPO3-Web-CMS.


TYPO3 News

To make sure you don't miss any news about the TYPO3 system in the future, we are setting up this news page. Here you will find

  • information about new features of the TYPO3 system, which you can use for your pages,
  • as well as news about updates of the TYPO3 system or the documentation and
  • tips and tricks on how to use the TYPO3 system.

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Image pool - missing content

The general image pool in the university's TYPO3 system is available to all editors to illustrate websites and make them more attractive.

Instructions: Dissolve mixed translation mode

If your web pages warn you that they are in mixed translation mode, we explain how you can un-mix them.

Modifications of the system: Removal of the Translate function

Since the different modes of the Translate function repeatedly led to problems in bilingual pages, the Translate mode, which often led to errors, was…

Content element audio player

Did you know that you can integrate audio files on your web pages in addition to images and documents?

Common Mistakes: Wrong creation of web editors

When creating web editors, CMS coordinators must pay attention to some details so that the new accounts can be created and used corrent.