Changes in the backend in TYPO3 version 11

With the update to the new TYPO3 version 11, there have been changes in the backend of the TYPO3 system - you can find a summary of the new features in this article.

The TYPO3 system has not changed very much with the update to major version 11. At first glance, you will probably not notice any changes in your daily work, but there are some details that now work a little differently.

  1. Translations of pages/display of translated content
    Translating pages still works as known, but there are changes in the display of the translated pages. If you want to display the German language version next to the English language version in the TYPO3 backend, the setting for this view has changed. For more information on this setting, see Page Views - Show Translations.
  2. Working with the file list
    The file list looks a little different in the new TYPO3 backend and has concentrated functions in one place. In addition, some very helpful functions have been added, which, for example, simplify the simultaneous editing of several images (see entry Edit several files simultaneously in the file list). For more information, see Working with the File List.
  3. Create internal links and anchor links (work with the link browser)
    One function that has actually changed extensively is the creation of internal links and anchor links. Previously, when creating an internal link in the link browser, it was sufficient to select the corresponding page in the page tree. In the new version, this is no longer sufficient and an additional button must be clicked. However, this additional button has also simplified the creation of an anchor link. You can find more information on the changed linking in the section Linking contents.
    This change also has a general effect on the link browser, for example, if you use Insert Data Sets or create a menu.
  4. Creation of tables
    When creating tables, editing has been simplified because you can directly specify how many columns or rows the tables must consist of. You no longer have to make this selection on a separate page, but can make this selection directly in the content element. For more information on the modified creation of tables, see Table.