Introduction and representatives

Introduction of the student parliament (StuPa)

On the basis of the organisational statute the student parliament (StuPa) embodies the elected representation of the student body of the TU Brunswick. It elects the student union executive committee (AStA) and operates several subsidiary boards amongst them the budget committee (BUCOM, HA) and the superior electoral committee (ÜgWa).

Every student that is enrolled at the due date of the election is eligibile to vote. Elections take place once a year at each faculty. The meetings are open to internal university members, the dates can be found on this very page. The minutes of the meetings are accessible to every university member as well either in printed form at the AStA (Katharinenstraße 1, Brunswick) or digitally in the tab “Sessions and minutes”.

Current steering committee

Sabrina Ammann Marvin Mellis Nannette Niewerth Helena Teutschbein
President Vice president Vice president Secretary
Chair Coordination Public relations Other

Public relations and information

For requests concerning the work of the StuPa, presentations or introductions please contact


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Representatives of the summer term 2021

In the following, the representatives of the current legislation are listed by Name, field of study, electoral list. (On signing in the email adresses are also displayed.)


Faculty 1

Ammann, Sabrina Mathematik Mathe
Özdemir, Burak Wirtschaftsinformatik Bunte Liste
Haus, Julius Wirtschaftsinformatik Bunte Liste
Eltner, Alexander Integrierte Sozialwissenschaften Die SoWis
Rohde, Nils Integrierte Sozialwissenschaften Die SoWis

Faculty 2

Mellis, Marvin Pharmazie Die Pharmosen
Wichmann, Helena Pharmazie Die Pharmosen
Do, Tien Trung Pharmazie Die Pharmosen
Cetinkaya, Sakine Nur Pharmazie Die Pharmosen
Hinrichs, Rena Biologie FG Bio

Faculty 3

Himmelrath, Mira Architektur ABU
Ghouse, Larissa Bauingenieurwesen ABU
Jacobs, Chris Dane Bauingenieurwesen ABU
Diallo, Mohamed Bauingenieurwesen ABU
Garbers, Felix Bauingenieurwesen ABU
Gerdes, Lennart Bauingenieurwesen ABU

Faculty 4

Mouhaya, Oussama Maschinenbau MaschBAU
Gaeding, Marcel Maschinenbau MaschBAU
Luks, Tomke Bio-, Chemie-, und Pharmaing.-wesen MaschBAU
Gebauer, Maike Bio-, Chemie-, und Pharmaing.-wesen MaschBAU
Kasiyanov, Mikhail Maschinenbau MaschBAU

Faculty 5

Zeuke, Lisa Physik Delta Motivation
Buschermöhle, Julia Physik Delta Motivation
Zywczok, Robin Physik Delta Motivation

Faculty 6

Niewerth, Nannette Mathematik und ihre Vermittlung FAK 6
Kienel, Luca Biologie und ihre Vermittlung FAK 6
Maags, Simon Erziehungswissenschaft FAK 6


Withdrawal Move-up candidate
Ilic, Jelena Eltner, Alexander
Donocik, Niklas Keine:r
Depardon, Antonio Kasiyanov, Mikhail
Conrad, Fabian Keine:r
Megnet, Manuel Keine:r
Mucchetti, Anna Keine:r