Meetings and minutes

Hybrid meetings

The StuPa of this legislature has decided at their constituent meeting on 20.02.2023 to conduct the meetings in their legislature according to § 3b PRoP hybrid (full text under Statutes and ordinances) .

Meetings of the current semester

The meetings listed here are scheduled for the 2023/24 winter terms.

  • 9th ordinary: Wednessday, 11.10.2023 (application deadline: Wednessday, 04.10.2023)
  • 10th ordinary: Wednessday, 01.11.2023 (application deadline: Tuesday, 24.10.2023)
  • 11th ordinary: Wednessday, 22.11.2023 (application deadline: Wednessday, 15.11.2023)
  • 12th ordinary: Wednessday, 13.12.2023 (application deadline: Wednessday, 06.12.2023)
  • 13th ordinary: Wednessday, 10.01.2024 (application deadline: Wednessday, 03.01.2024)
  • 14th ordinary: Wednessday, 31.01.2024 (application deadline: Wednessday, 24.01.2024)
  • 15th ordinary: Wednessday, 21.02.2024 (application deadline: Wednessday, 14.02.2024)
  • 16th ordinary: Wednessday, 13.03.2024 (application deadline: Wednessday, 06.03.2024)

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