Carolo-Wilhelmina Foundation

The Carolo-Wilhemina-Foundation uses the proceeds from its capital to award the Carolo-Wilhelmina-Scholarships to students at the TU Braunschweig whose study plans are threatened by uncertain financing or whose studies are about to be discontinued for purely financial reasons.



Number of grants and fundings

The scholarships are financed from the proceeds of the Carolo Wilhelmina Foundation as well as endowments and donations to the foundation. There should be a reliable base of scholarships available each year, which the board of directors decides on based on a proposal from the advisory board.


Submission and selection process

An individual application is excluded. Only the matriculation office, the International House, the student union and the general student committee (AStA) of the TU Braunschweig are entitled to apply, which in turn propose students for funding.

The funding is always for a winter semester and the following summer semester.


Link to the offer

You can find more information about the applications and the submission deadline here.