Tips on Science and University Communication


On this page we have prepared current topics from our media work for you. The topics summarise the answers to many questions that we are regularly asked during our work. The information is intended to support you as needed, for example specifically when media representatives ask you for an interview or a statement or if you would like to offer us your topics. In addition, you are of course welcome to contact our team directly.

Do you have any suggestions for these contents or for other topics related to university and science communication? We look forward to your feedback.

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The flyer collection on science and university communication summarises the contents in pdf format.

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We will gladly send printed copies of our flyer collection on request.

Contact: Kristina Rottig

Corporate Design

An initial overview of TU Braunschweig's corporate design and access (for TU members) to a comprehensive collection of information and templates in various file formats can be found here.


Are you interested in presenting your topics to the media or do you have further questions?
We in the Communication and Press Service will be happy to support you. Call us if you have any questions about dealing with journalists or need support in presenting your topics in the press and media.

Press releases

Press releases from TU Braunschweig are sent out exclusively by the Communication and Press Service.

Therefore, please do not send your topics or drafts for press releases directly to editorial offices, but to us. Please inform us in good time, at least two weeks before the event.


Are you ready for your interview or do you have any further questions? We in the Communication and Press Service will be happy to support you. Call us if you would like advice on preparing for an interview or have general questions about dealing with journalists. We will also be happy to arrange media training for you.

Image Rights

Social Media Guidelines

Social media guidelines for your professional use: Social media have been an integral part of our everyday lives for several years. Facebook and co. are also playing an increasingly important role at work. Technische Universität Braunschweig has official accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn. The Communication and Press Service moderate these presences. In addition, many TU Braunschweig facilities, institutes and student initiatives are active in social media. The university welcomes these independent social media presences. It is important that universities are also represented here, inform, explain and engage in dialogue with society. The Social Media Guidelines are a guide to the professional use of social media for your institution.  If there are any questions beyond this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you need tips and advice on using social media? We in the Communication and Press Service are happy to help. Write to us if you need support in using social media.