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One address, all the news: At, the current, central information from TU Braunschweig is combined. You will find a wide variety of magazine articles as well as the official press releases, upcoming events, short notes and dossiers on selected topics.

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TU Braunschweig Newsletter informs all internal and external interested readers on a monthly basis. With the cover story on socially relevant and sometimes controversial topics, a spotlight by the President, highlights from research, teaching and campus life and tips on upcoming events, we provide insight into current and future topics at TU Braunschweig and aim to encourage exchange with and within TU.

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In the event calendar within our Magazine you will find public lectures, talks, colloquia, seminars, conferences and workshops from research and teaching at TU Braunschweig. Use the selection options if, for example, you are looking for events for students or for specific subject areas.

An overview of the lecture series is published each semester. The publication can be subscribed to.
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