Informations on KTW

» About KTW (M.A. Culture of the Techno-scientific World)

Technology and Science are essential in our ordinary life-worlds. In the M.A. program KTW (Culture of the Techno-Scientific World) at TU Braunschweig you learn how to orient yourself in both the humanities and the technosciences. The program is highly interdisciplinary, and founded in the departments of Philosophy, History, English Literature and German Literature. For us philosophers, the primary task is to teach students about the cultural, societal and normative preconditions and implications in a world that actually is a pluralism of worlds.

The KTW includes the program for the Master of Arts in Philosophy and allows heading for a PhD in the Humanities.

Main language of instruction is German, but there are several courses available in English.

» Contact persons and further information

  • Concerning questions around philosophy and KTW, please contact
  • Updated information and recent events are listed on the KTW website