Student parliament

On the basis of the organisational statute the student parliament (StuPa) embodies the elected representation of the student body of the TU Brunswick. It elects the student union executive committee (AStA) and operates several subsidiary boards amongst them the budget committee (BUCOM, HA) and the superior electoral committee (ÜgWa).

Every student that is enrolled at the due date of the election is eligibile to vote. Elections take place once a year at each faculty. The meetings are open to internal university members, the dates can be found in the tab: Dates

The minutes of the meetings are accessible to every university member as well either in printed form at the AStA (Katharinenstraße 1, Brunswick) or digitally in the tab: Sessions and Minutes

Press releases passed and released by the student parliament can be found in the tab: Press releases

Contacts of the student parliament

Steering committee:


Student union executive committee:

Digital meetings

On the 30th of March 2020, the student parliament has decided on an amendment to the Parliamentary Rules of Procedure (PRoP). This includes the means to hold meetings digitally in times of need or crisis (for the complete amendment see “Statutes and Ordinances”)


For further details see: